Cost saving information

Harbour upholstery will always advise on ways to save on cost where required.

These could include advising you that the foam can be re-used instead of replaced.

letting you know the best materials for the money.

Delivering the job to us in Ringwood or Poole to save on collection/delivery cost.




At Harbour upholstery we like to provide the best service possible and that starts from the initial consultation and quote.

Usually we like to meet with our customers where possible to run through exactly what you require and discuss the various options available to you and offer advice where needed as well as showing you material samples. This would be the best option and we can then provide an acccurate and final quote based on what we have seen.

We can also provide different quotes for various options we may of discussed like having new foam or just a recover so you can see the difference in cost.



If however you would just like an idea of cost for now without meeting to discuss then the email quick quote would work fine for you and the more informtion you provide then the more accurate the price will be.

Some pictures of marine upholstery for example would actually give us all we need to provide a final quote if you was also able to confirm the type of material you wanted and weather it was a repair recover or new foam service. 

We aim to return all quick quote emails within 24 hours. Please try to provide a picture as well as a description of what you require. We will do our best to provide this service but on some occasions we may need to visit for a final quote.


For any upholstery we can access without you being there we are also happy to do that so we can measure up and take some pictures.